Sunday, September 2, 2012

Yop1213 Week 9: A little of sunshine in my knitting

Last week, I showed you my finished socks. As you can guess know with me, I have started another pair. Still from the same book, with the same kind of decoration, I can show you my victorian birdcage:

The color is very nice, it is a bright light orange, more near of the color of the mango than the orange and I love the pattern. I think I am quite addict to the smoked stitch. I make a size small adult woman, even if my feet are more near the large, but my gauge is of 30 instead of 32 and I like them tight.

A little question, do you stay my gauge is bigger or smaller, because for the same amount of stitch my square is bigger, but my number of stitch for 4'' is smaller?

I continue to work on my cardigan, slowly but surely as would have say LaFontaine. It will soon get faster, I will start the decrease on the neck side, one stitch decrease on every two rows.

But not during the next two weeks. I am going in holiday and as a treat fro my boyfriend, I will not take any knitting with me. So for the long hours of flight, waiting, I will read. I just hope, I will not finish it before the end of the holiday, only ten day in Fijis.

So no update for the next two sundays, anyway, it would have not a lot of progress.


  1. Cute socks. From the sounds of it you are a "loose" knitter rather than a "tight" knitter.

    Have a great time in Fiji. Can't wait to see photos! Are you going to snorkel?

  2. With socks I don't think I've ever checked my gauge. I know how many stitches I usually need with a particular sized needle and if the pattern calls for close to that I usually come out OK. So as long as they fit and you are happy with them, who cares what your gauge is?!

  3. I love that orange yarn--and I am not your go to gal for guage questions as that is not my forte! Hope you are having a grand time in Fiji--I can only dream of going there. Hope you post pictures!