Sunday, November 11, 2012

YoP1213: It's been a longtime

Yep, a longtime without blogging, not really without knitting. Since the last post, I have finished 2 projects, one from the list, one to use some left over. I have made really a good progress ont the big one and started one that could be my masterpiece in the futur...

But now, some photo to illustrate that.

I finished a pair of sock. I wanted to finish them for the month of October, I finished them last week, 7 days late, it's okay, they are for me and with the summer here, I will surely not wear them. It is a pattern from the book Sweet Tomatoe Heel by Cat Brodhi (again!): The Birdcage socks. I knitted them with a yarn from hazelknit, with merino coton and nylon, a dream... And the color is fabulous, it will enlighten my day when the weather will be cold and grey.

Did you see the irregularity, I think I have done my two heels quite a bit different, not on the same number of stitches, but both time with 3 and 1/2 wedges. It's fitting really well my heels there are really curvy. I am definitely in love with this way of doing the heel. I have already started a new pair with it... Oups forget to take a picture. I do it in a KAL with a friend who wanted to try this new style of heel.

Now, the work in progress. My Cocoon cardigan is finally completely knitted, one year after I started it. Wouah, that is a long time ago. And now I try to motivate me for the finition, like that, it will not take another year! Because it could. I started the sewing and I discover that it was two tight at the!!! I directly had the idea to do a patch, but between having the idea and realise it, I am always slow to go and yesterday I finally manage to convince myself to try and it is not pretty, but it is mot really noticeable.

So now, I knit and join directly on the garment, maybe, it would have been nicer if I have knitted the patch and sew it, but I am happy with the result.

Still not completely sewn but I feel the goal line is nearer. Now, I will try to weave all the ends, because, I have really two much of them and I will not need them for the sewing.

And now, the only work in progress where I am knitting, the Sakura, from the pattern Hanami. I love it, I had to to frog already one time due to a tiny mistake, but I have a good start on it. Only problem, I want to use some safeline and no way to find my left over of lace yarn... grrr..

I have six more repeat of this basketwave to do and after I start the falling petals... Lot of time to knit in perspective, but I think it is the last project, that is not a sock on my list, so I will enjoy it!