Saturday, September 29, 2012

aSitF: Fish and Doll

I was planning to do this pouch for more than one year now. I bought the outside fabric at the craft show 2011, It was the stand of a nice Japanese gentleman. I have liked this fabric since I have seen it and knowing that every kanjis was the name of a fish make me laugh. I did not find the same day a fabric to use for the inside so the pouch has waited to be done.

Two months later I found a fabric, could have been better, but it was the best I have seen until there, so I bought it, but at this time I did not have anymore access to a sewing machine.

Two months ago, one friend lend me her sewing machine, it was one of the reason why I was motivated by the challenge: Using it.

And now, my little pouch is done. I needed all the afternoon to do it, it's far from perfect but I have learned a lot. First, it is important to cut your fabric right. Next time, I will do a rectangle with paper and draw it on the fabric. Second, the other foot for the sewing machine is not a zipper foot. I have to ask my friend if she has one somewhere or if I will buy one and offer to her machine. Third and final, the fusible lining I used was crap. He get out all the time.

But the pouch is finished and the most important: I like it!

I used this tutorial and I found it really clear. Some little things, it is really important to let 1/2" for the step 2, do not do less, I have done 1 cm and it was difficult. For the step 16, 1&1/4 inch for the length and approximatively 2.5 for the base, important too, it is what make it a regular rectangle and not biais like mine. Next time I will draw one and us it...

NB: why Fish and doll as a title, as I have said, fishes are the kanji on the outside fabric and Doll is for the cute japanese doll on the inside fabric... again a really japanese bag for the challenge. The last one will be a fiji memory... two day to do it... and it will be the most complicated... not sure maybe it was this one...

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