Sunday, September 30, 2012

aSitF: Fiji's memory

Yes, it's done. 20:00, the last bag is over. The challenge of September, three bags, is a success! And here the last one, the tote:

That, for a beginner like me, was not an easy one. I followed the tutorial from Sew like mom, the Gym Bag. I did not do the exterior pocket, but I made a bottom to preserve my white fabric. I am particularly fond of this fabric, because I bought it in Fiji and it is a memory of those formidable holidays. I made all the interior as described: the five pockets on one side and the zippered pocket on the other.

I do not know if it fulfill the requirement of being able to contain three skeins of Red Heart Super Saver, never seen one, but it can contain all my stash... and yes I have a small stash, but it still has to be over in 9 months...

Still unperfect, but for my third project and so big, I am totally happy, even proud... But honnestly, now I think, I will let rest the sewing machin for a while and concentrate on my knitting... Two objectifs for this month, finish the cardigan and finish the socks...

Saturday, September 29, 2012

aSitF: Fish and Doll

I was planning to do this pouch for more than one year now. I bought the outside fabric at the craft show 2011, It was the stand of a nice Japanese gentleman. I have liked this fabric since I have seen it and knowing that every kanjis was the name of a fish make me laugh. I did not find the same day a fabric to use for the inside so the pouch has waited to be done.

Two months later I found a fabric, could have been better, but it was the best I have seen until there, so I bought it, but at this time I did not have anymore access to a sewing machine.

Two months ago, one friend lend me her sewing machine, it was one of the reason why I was motivated by the challenge: Using it.

And now, my little pouch is done. I needed all the afternoon to do it, it's far from perfect but I have learned a lot. First, it is important to cut your fabric right. Next time, I will do a rectangle with paper and draw it on the fabric. Second, the other foot for the sewing machine is not a zipper foot. I have to ask my friend if she has one somewhere or if I will buy one and offer to her machine. Third and final, the fusible lining I used was crap. He get out all the time.

But the pouch is finished and the most important: I like it!

I used this tutorial and I found it really clear. Some little things, it is really important to let 1/2" for the step 2, do not do less, I have done 1 cm and it was difficult. For the step 16, 1&1/4 inch for the length and approximatively 2.5 for the base, important too, it is what make it a regular rectangle and not biais like mine. Next time I will draw one and us it...

NB: why Fish and doll as a title, as I have said, fishes are the kanji on the outside fabric and Doll is for the cute japanese doll on the inside fabric... again a really japanese bag for the challenge. The last one will be a fiji memory... two day to do it... and it will be the most complicated... not sure maybe it was this one...

Friday, September 28, 2012

aSitF: First Bag

Two monthes ago, I read this article and I decided to take up the challenge. Three bags during the month of September... easy. I am a total beginner with a sewing machine, I learned in primary school, just twenty years ago... easy and Oh Sure! I  will be ten days in holiday far from a sewing machine this month, but I took the challenge...

Today, the 28th of September I can show you my first entry, the easiest one, the drawstring bag with no linen, no interfacing, but maybe my more precious fabric. I bought it from KimoYES, it's a kimono fabric, I think for the belt and I really fall in love when I saw it.

Okay, I have now two days to do the two others... easy! cough cough...

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Yop1213 Week 9: A little of sunshine in my knitting

Last week, I showed you my finished socks. As you can guess know with me, I have started another pair. Still from the same book, with the same kind of decoration, I can show you my victorian birdcage:

The color is very nice, it is a bright light orange, more near of the color of the mango than the orange and I love the pattern. I think I am quite addict to the smoked stitch. I make a size small adult woman, even if my feet are more near the large, but my gauge is of 30 instead of 32 and I like them tight.

A little question, do you stay my gauge is bigger or smaller, because for the same amount of stitch my square is bigger, but my number of stitch for 4'' is smaller?

I continue to work on my cardigan, slowly but surely as would have say LaFontaine. It will soon get faster, I will start the decrease on the neck side, one stitch decrease on every two rows.

But not during the next two weeks. I am going in holiday and as a treat fro my boyfriend, I will not take any knitting with me. So for the long hours of flight, waiting, I will read. I just hope, I will not finish it before the end of the holiday, only ten day in Fijis.

So no update for the next two sundays, anyway, it would have not a lot of progress.