Sunday, September 30, 2012

aSitF: Fiji's memory

Yes, it's done. 20:00, the last bag is over. The challenge of September, three bags, is a success! And here the last one, the tote:

That, for a beginner like me, was not an easy one. I followed the tutorial from Sew like mom, the Gym Bag. I did not do the exterior pocket, but I made a bottom to preserve my white fabric. I am particularly fond of this fabric, because I bought it in Fiji and it is a memory of those formidable holidays. I made all the interior as described: the five pockets on one side and the zippered pocket on the other.

I do not know if it fulfill the requirement of being able to contain three skeins of Red Heart Super Saver, never seen one, but it can contain all my stash... and yes I have a small stash, but it still has to be over in 9 months...

Still unperfect, but for my third project and so big, I am totally happy, even proud... But honnestly, now I think, I will let rest the sewing machin for a while and concentrate on my knitting... Two objectifs for this month, finish the cardigan and finish the socks...

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