Sunday, November 11, 2012

YoP1213: It's been a longtime

Yep, a longtime without blogging, not really without knitting. Since the last post, I have finished 2 projects, one from the list, one to use some left over. I have made really a good progress ont the big one and started one that could be my masterpiece in the futur...

But now, some photo to illustrate that.

I finished a pair of sock. I wanted to finish them for the month of October, I finished them last week, 7 days late, it's okay, they are for me and with the summer here, I will surely not wear them. It is a pattern from the book Sweet Tomatoe Heel by Cat Brodhi (again!): The Birdcage socks. I knitted them with a yarn from hazelknit, with merino coton and nylon, a dream... And the color is fabulous, it will enlighten my day when the weather will be cold and grey.

Did you see the irregularity, I think I have done my two heels quite a bit different, not on the same number of stitches, but both time with 3 and 1/2 wedges. It's fitting really well my heels there are really curvy. I am definitely in love with this way of doing the heel. I have already started a new pair with it... Oups forget to take a picture. I do it in a KAL with a friend who wanted to try this new style of heel.

Now, the work in progress. My Cocoon cardigan is finally completely knitted, one year after I started it. Wouah, that is a long time ago. And now I try to motivate me for the finition, like that, it will not take another year! Because it could. I started the sewing and I discover that it was two tight at the!!! I directly had the idea to do a patch, but between having the idea and realise it, I am always slow to go and yesterday I finally manage to convince myself to try and it is not pretty, but it is mot really noticeable.

So now, I knit and join directly on the garment, maybe, it would have been nicer if I have knitted the patch and sew it, but I am happy with the result.

Still not completely sewn but I feel the goal line is nearer. Now, I will try to weave all the ends, because, I have really two much of them and I will not need them for the sewing.

And now, the only work in progress where I am knitting, the Sakura, from the pattern Hanami. I love it, I had to to frog already one time due to a tiny mistake, but I have a good start on it. Only problem, I want to use some safeline and no way to find my left over of lace yarn... grrr..

I have six more repeat of this basketwave to do and after I start the falling petals... Lot of time to knit in perspective, but I think it is the last project, that is not a sock on my list, so I will enjoy it!


  1. Pretty, pretty socks. I've been looking at the book by Cat Bordhi .. I only wish I could justify buying it. I have soooo many patterns that I've bought but not started that buying any more is really out of the question.

    Your patch at the armhole looks like it works beautifully. I'd have completely lost it if after working on something for that long it didn't fit. You must have the patience of a saint :)

  2. That is a fantastic color on the socks..the wool sounds soft and snuggly..and I really didn't notice anything about the heel..

    Nice to get to see your work again!

    The cardigan is gorgeous!

  3. Awesome looking socks and sweater. LOVE the color and the texture/stitches in the sweater.

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    you don't have the ability to put name and url in your drop down box? Or the general google thing which is time consuming when a person has multiple blogs. You might want to change your settings. As it is, you would go to profile page, see all 4 blogs I have, then select blog, and hope you're getting the right, that one hasn't been written after this one. So many of us have multiple blogs, thought I'd mention it for you.

  4. Welcome back and hooray for a FO! It took me ~a year to knit my latest cardigan. I had to redo the collar and the bottom 5 inches. Your work is gorgeous! I love the cardigan and what a clever idea to do a patch.