Sunday, August 26, 2012

YoP1213 Week 8: Bad pictures, but lot of finished projects

We have finally some shiny weather here in Australia, but sadly my house seems to be build to have no good spot for pictures. But at least I have a lot of finished projects to show, only one in the list, but I can spare my joy to show the other two.

First, the one on the list, the gift for my mother. I tried to find a way to show you the nice pattern. It was difficult and I am still not happy with the picture, a lot more with the socks!

And now the not in the list projects.

The first one is the little cardigan I showed you last week. It is over. I am not entirely sure of my choice, it has a girly design, boyish colors, but finally it does not make it unisex... I will send it to my cousin anyway, it still could be useful when everything else will be dirty.

And finally, another baby cardigan. I started it in february for a baby who was already born. I was planning to give it to the father when he get back to his homeland to visit wife and baby, but I was to slow and I let it down with the ends not weaved and the button not add. Last week a friend told me, she   needed a baby cardigan for a baby girl and she wanted to pay a knitter to do one, because she did not have the time. So, I told her, I can finish this one and give it to her. She was happy with it. But it seems my english is still terrible and did not understand the "give" and wanted to pay me. Finally I convinced her for a trade and she give me a skein of a yarn. I still feel like the big winner. I do not have this unfinished cardigan in my staff and I have a brand new and beautiful yarn.

Now the cardigan:

It is really a summer cardigan. I knitted it from a bamboo-cotton yarn that was splitting like hell, but when it was finished, it look good. I really like the little button with flower on it. I just hope that the baby can wear it. It is a newborn size, but it looks that the baby was not born with a newborn size.


  1. Both cardigans are lovely and the colours are gorgeous :)

  2. I can get the pattern idea from the sock's picture..I like the color and the yarn, nice job.

    When I saw the 1st cardigan it seemed like a feminine design..the colors are not really boyish..just dark..It will suit a girl better..but still too nice for a "nothing clean" cardigan. The purple cardigan is a cutie..with a perfect button to match...

  3. I like that sock pattern--your mum should be pleased! Both little cardis are beautiful and suited to girls in my opinion. Your little flower button is to die for and so perfect for the colors in that sweater.

  4. I really like your first cardigan, though I do agree it might be a girlish design. And Im sure her wanting to pay you was nothing to do with your English and everything to do with her not wanting to take advantage of you!