Monday, August 6, 2012

Yop1213 Week 5, a project finished... first of august...

It's Monday, a day late for the summary update, but I think I will continue like that. It is much easy for me to do it on Monday than on Sunday.

The work in progress:

At the left, you have the shy beginning of the first front of my cardigan. At the middle, it is my splendid sock, it goes slowly, even if I had plenty of time during the waiting for an appointment, but I forgot the pattern and I was not confortable to do it from the other sock more than what I have done now.

And yes it's right, only two projects in progress. Because the ripple blanket is over. I follow your advice, I finished with the dark green color. It was my first idea and the one wo let a comment about this question was both thinking the same.

Stand up on a chair I have made the picture of it:

And I really like it, I hope my cousin will do the same. I learned a lot about crochet with it, especially what is the first and the last stitch in a row. It seems stupid, but I think it was why I never realise before to have the right amount of stitch when I was trying to crochet.

So now, I choose this blanket to finish some left over of yarn, but I think I have even more now. What can I do with that!

A baby cardigan?
A hat?
Any idea?


  1. Love the two projects on your needles at them moment and the ripple blanket just looks gorgeous, well done on finishing it and I'm sure your cousin will love it. The left over yarn would look great in a stripey cardigan or hat, sorry thats not much help is it.

  2. It took me a few years of experience before I could reliably crochet a large project and keep the right number of stitches. There was a lot of fudging going on in the early days :) I think those unbroken rounds of Amigurumi bodies helped me read my crochet more carefully and track my stitch counts.

    Cute blanket. The green edging is perfect. You could use the leftover yarn to make a softie or two. Or even some blanket squares for donation.

  3. I'd make a cardi and if there was any more yarn left over, a hat.

  4. Great progress. I love the dark green and I also have to do alot of frogging cuz of miscount crochet stitches!

  5. Beautiful blanket! I'm sure your cousin will love it. No advice on leftovers I'm afraid, but at least there's not too much. Perhaps a little toy to go with the blanket?

    I could never do a sock without a pattern. Sometimes I can't do a sock even with the pattern.

  6. I love the blanket. It isn't stupid - I teach crochet, and figuring out the first and last stitch is one of the major issues, even for crocheters who have been making projects for years! Your edges are very straight, so it looks like you have figured it out.

  7. I love the colours in your blanket. They really go together so well :) And as Marie says, the first and last stitches of the row are the ones that confuse people, so you definitely don't sound stupid! Glad you've got it figured out, and hope it encourages you to keep up the crochet :)

    The yarn looks like it would make a really cute stripey baby cardigan, either knitted or crocheted - what about a hexagon baby jacket (crochet) or a baby surprise one (knit)? You'd have plenty for either :)

  8. love the blanket! I vote for a baby cardi and then maybe a hat.

  9. i echo all the remarks, beautiful blanket! you could start a scrap blanket? i am doing that with all of my ends! called The Wonder Blanket on rav ;)

  10. Two seems an entirely normal number of projects to have OTN to me! Three is my normal max, so 2 is perfect! And your afghan is lovely!

  11. Gorgeous blanket, you definitely made the right colour choice for the edging.