Sunday, July 29, 2012

YoP 1213 Week 4: First Finished object

Yep, it's a wrap. I finished the Pedestrian Crossing Cowl in time. Happily, for the KAL, you did not need the button on. I am still not decided about them.

Pattern: Pedestrian Crossing Cowl by Melissa Sibley
Yarn: 100% Alpaca DK yarn, from an Alpaca farm in Tasmania
Needles: 4.0mm

I knitted it with a DK yarn instead of a worsted and a smaller needle, 4.0mm instead of 5.5mm, and I do not know how, it seems I have the right length and width, with just 2 stitches more. I really enjoy the fabric of the yarn when it is knitted and the result is quite simple but I like it. Still on the hunt for the last button. I thought I had found the fifth but I am not really happy with the combination with the other four.

On the needle, I still have my blanket that is growing quite regularly, just need three more rows of color and it will be finished. I am pretty confident I can finished it before September. At the beginning, I thought about adding a border, but I think finally I will let it like this. The question is more do i finishe with a yellow, a white after yellow, a dark green (my first idea) or a white after dark green, what do you think?

And finally, the pair of socks that are half finished, since the first one dropped of the needle this morning.

Still enjoying a lot this yarn. I am not totally happy with the finishing. I think it would have been better to do some ribbing, but I could not have it right with the portion I have. It something I must to look for for the next model of Cat Bordhi I want to knit.

So, in conclusion, it was a good week of knitting and I am so happy to see one of this project finished. I still have enough yarn to do a second one or maybe a pair of mitts, will see.


  1. The sock looks great....and so does your ripple, my initial thought on finishing was to go with the dark green although it would also be good with the White after yellow.....I am rubbish at making decisions!

  2. I'm loving the ripple blanket - great colors!

  3. congrats on having a good week..I agree with the blanket, looks fine without a border..

    cowls are my favorite item to knit and yours looks wonderful!

  4. Your cowl came out wonderfully. Liking your zig zag blanket and you are progressing rather quickly on it.

  5. Love the blanket. I would end with the same color you started with.

  6. I love the blanket, and I agree with Delia, I would also end with the same colour you started with, or at least not white.