Sunday, July 22, 2012

Yop1213 Week 3: In which we talk about bag

I have been a lazy knitter this week and a busy one, but not with knitting. So no real progress.

I did not work at all on my socks. Pity because it is really the nicest of this three projects. About the blanket, I had a lot of work on it but it does not show off, why? because I weaved all the ends, something not to do at the end. It was long, but it is done.

My cowl is the one who received most of the love this week. I still enjoy the yarn, the easy pattern, a little less to put out all the little piece of hay in it. I think I am nearly at the end of the second thrid and with a good knitting meeting session on it this Monday, I will maybe finish it in time... Yeah.

Most of my excitement this week end about knitting was the waiting for my bag. I wanted to say my brand new one, but it is a second hand one that I bought threw ravelry. One of the famous Jordana Paige's bag: The L.J. Kaelmer.

I love it, the color, the multiple pockets. I can even put one handle on each on my shoulder to ride my bike with it. I use it as an organizer. I always have my stuff in it. So when I need another, a tinier one, I took the things from this bag and put it back when I come home. I have a pocket for everything. My sock's and Cowl's projects fit easily in it. I could even add my cardigan's project. For the blanket, it is too small with the two others projects, but I use the packaging bag for it, it's perfect.

Some pictures of the beauty:

Do I have to find it a name ?


  1. Weaving in the ends is a big thing to get done! That's the thing that I usually put off, and then it delays me finishing!

    Sounds like the perfect bag~

  2. I conquer, weaving ends is not my fav thing to do - a dreaded necessity. Love the bag - her bags are all just so gorgeous and functional. Green with Envy. :)

  3. Great job on weaving in ends, not a fav thing to do but so necessary and just think at the end how it will all be done. Hope you get your cowl finished this week and what a gorgeous bag ! love it.

  4. I always tell myself to weave in the ends as I go and never seem to do it.

    I love the bag

  5. Those ends need to be kept under control or it ruins the end of project joy!
    That is a lovely bag.

  6. Yes, give the bag a name.. Since I'm somewhat new..I've never had to deal with ends yet...It seems everyone finds them a chore..

  7. I think you're smart to do the ends. I can't stand when there's too many of them. I like to stay on top of those ends! LOL!
    Your cowl is lovely. I'm not into shawls so much but cowls would be great. I need to find an easy/beginner pattern for one.
    Your bag is gorgeous and it looks like it does hold a lot. I'll have to look at those. Have a great week!

  8. Great job weaving in the ends. I always put it off, and I always regret it!

  9. Love the color green of your purse. My daughters favorite color is green so it made me think of her. Weaving in ends...hate doing it, so try most of the time to knit and or crochet them in as I go. Nothing worse then thinking you're finished with a project and have the dreaded job of weaving in ends still in front of you.