Thursday, July 12, 2012

Attempt of organisation

Yesterday, I had another sad look on my craft stuff. It was disposed in a box and different shopping bags. One of the reason was because we had a housemate and we have to have everything in our room and the other reason is, I never took the time to organise it. Finally, yesterday I said Enough! The housemate is gone and we have a complete empty room.

As we will probably move again in one year, I did not want to invest too much and too I do not have so much to pack. I went to the shop and I went for the simplest one of this shelf for wardrobe. Fill it and it's not perfect but so much better than before.

I started with my precious sock yarn, half of my stash, followed by different weight of yarn. Some stuffing material, why do we have to buy 500g when you just want to stuff one toy! My spinning fiber, way too much to use in one year withut a spinning wheel. The sewing materials, more used by DBF than me and finally my cross-stitch projects that sleep since we arrived here, nearly, I finished some things but I need to sew them... not my strength.

And finally down the box where everything where stock before and now just have the yarn for my blue cardigan. I think I will put in my books and magazine, to have everything really at the same place.

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  1. I think your attempt at organizing is going well..thanks for the helpful comment at my blog and my frustrations with learning dpn's and working with sock weight yarn. The vid I was watching neglected to say that an extra c/o stitch would be needed for that type of join...

    I should have been c/o 61..then after the join I'd have 60 stitches remaining... I am sure experienced knitters knew so she neglected to state it in vid...

    I'm going to find some very specific vid's as all this is new..